Heart Agency

Jonny’s work is a fervent collection of paintings and drawings, screen prints and lino cuts, with a passion for 19th century type faces, and the written word in general. Whilst working he will be attired in correspondence shoes, perhaps a bow tie or French workwear and listening to Charlie Parker, The Skids or Jacques Tati.

The visual language and pastiche in Jonny’s work clearly represents his interests and this in turn has led to commissions that blur the lines of work and pleasure. Folk and folklore are often inspirational reference points in Jonny’s work, but in equal measure so is ‘urban folk’ a more modern 21st century representation of the beauty of modern life. Two of his largest projects to date have been in the North East of England – one for Museums Northumberland, and more recently for Hartlepool Borough Council. He has worked for other cultural institutions such as The British Library, English National Opera and The Royal Shakespeare Company. Jonny’s set of 8 stamps for The Royal Mail celebrate the curious customs of Great Britain. Jonny has worked editorially for international broadsheets and magazines, and created numerous book covers for fiction and non-fiction titles in the US and UK. The Yorkshire Sculpture Park exhibited a one man show of Jonny’s work, and the monograph ‘Greetings from Darktown’ has been published by Merrell.