Heart Agency


Pierluigi studied at Istituto Europeo di Design. He lives in Milan and has been represented by Heart since 2014.

Pierluigi’s work is created in a collage of part found imagery, part drawn or painted self generated material as well as his own photography. His reference points and inspirations range from Renaissance painters such as Rosso Fiorentino and Parmigianino to the surreal work of Giorgio de Chirico and Max Ernst, the architecture and furniture designs of Gio Ponti and the films of Peter Greenway.
Pierluigi works regularly for Italian editorial clients Internazionale, La Repubblica, Corriere della Sera and Il Sole 24 Ore on cultural, sport and travel sections. He has a regular monthly column in Japan for Forbes magazine. Pierluigi’s work has been animated as part of an advertising campaign for Mondadori Stores. He has also produced a series of ads for Internazionale, advertising their content on different platforms.

For several years Pierluigi has produced work for advertising, brochures and events for the luxury jeweller Chantecler Capri. His work has often been chosen to be associated with luxury and high end goods. He has produced artwork for designer watches Galtiscopio in Hong Kong, as well as being asked to work on watch supplements for The Quarterly. Yachts, fast cars, fine dining, enviable idyllic romantic locations, and elegant, stylish people populate his artworks.

Select client list:
Corriere della Sera, Einaudi Publishing, Feltrinelli Publishing, Forbes Japan, Galtiscopio Watches, GQ, Internazionale magazine, Los Angeles Magazine, Men’s Health, The New Scientist, Pirelli, The Quarterly, La Repubblica, Robb Report, Rolling Stone, Il Sole 24 Ore, The Telegraph, The Wall Street Journal