Heart Agency

Renaud’s work is sometimes reminiscent of movies from the 80’s mixed with old American cartoons. Like John Carpenter’s The Thing but played by Tex Avery’s characters. The caricature and high jinks of his energetic drawings have been employed by clients to provide a fresh perspective on more serious topics such as the Scottish referendum and tackling subjects such as autism, alcoholism and the future of combat robots for editorial clients such as Newsweek, The New York Times and Popular Science.

Renaud has worked on several large book projects including ‘Osiris’, the story of the Egyptian god of the afterlife, ‘Who Owns These Bones’ a children’s book illustrating the evolution of the skeleton and ‘Skulk’ an immense puzzle book for Laurence King Publishing. He’s also reimagined the world of the 19th century novelist Stendhal for a large scale mural commission and created an operatic yeti for Ted Baker window displays.