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The New Yorker

Tom Gauld’s seventh cover for The New Yorker.

Dog Walkers 2.0 for the May 20th 2019 Innovations IssueTom was inspired by a friend who showed him an app connecting people that wanted to walk dogs, with owners that didn’t always have time. Robots are a reoccurring motif often seen in Tom’s work.

Tom Gauld:“I am often looking for ways to present everyday things in a funny, interesting, or unexpected way, and substituting people for robots can be good for this. I think it’s funny and slightly tragic that robots are in this middle ground, where they have some qualities of living creatures, but at the same time are machines that can be dismantled or discarded like a broken microwave.

Read a short interview between Tom Gauld and Françoise Mouly about this New Yorker cover, here

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