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Yann Kebbi is a French artist from Montreuil, Paris. Yann draws prolifically, filling sketchbooks with drawings on his travels or in the intimate company of friends and family. His subjects are mostly people, and often landscapes. His work moves between watercolour, ink, coloured pencils and pen on location, to engravings and monotypes created in the studio.

A viewer could feel voyeuristic looking at Yann’s subjects, if it weren’t for the empathy he conveys. There is an apparent fondness for the human condition. The choices Yann makes in terms of mark making are expressive and support the ambience of an artwork.

Yann’s artworks have appeared in The New Yorker, L’Uomo Vogue, M le magazine du Monde and The New York Times amongst others. His commercial projects span book covers, to packaging and identities. He has collaborated with Foundation Cartier, the contemporary art museum in Paris and he regularly exhibits his original drawings, etchings and prints. A collection of 20 of Yann’s drawings entitled ‘Foundation Kebbi’ is published by Actes Sud BD.

Yann was invited by the writer/director, Mike Mills to join the production of his film ‘C’mon C’mon’ and draw locations and actors during the shoot. Yann produced over 300 drawings during filming and a curated selection of these feature in ‘C’mon C’mon: Drawings from the Set’ published by A24.