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Tales of the Greek Hereos - The Folio Society

Tales of the Greek Heroes – The Folio Society

Romy Blümel was commissioned by The Folio Society to create designs for the binding, slip case, endpapers and seven internal artworks. The book contains nineteen stories retold by Roger Lancelyn Green, including tales of Hermes and Apollo, the Argonauts and the fall of Troy.

From ‘The Story of Prometheus’

Then, the precious spark concealed under his cloak, he hastened down the mountain side, and away into a deep valley of Arcadia where he heaped up a pile of wood and kindled it.

The first people upon earth to see the wonderful new gift of fire were the wild Satyrs who dwelt in the lonely valleys. Slowly and shyly they gathered round the edge of the glade in which Prometheus had lighted the first campfire; and gradually they drew nearer and nearer.

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