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The New Yorker

Tom Gauld’s eighth cover for The New Yorker

Roo’Captive Audience’ – when trapped indoors, the act of looking out the window can become a simple, nearly sublime pleasure.ftop Astronomy for the December 9th 2019 issue of the magazineTom recalls the ritual of going outside to look at stars and planets with his Dad. Perhaps remembering this more than what he actually saw.

Tom Gauld:“Almost all my work is about storytelling—even the single images are intended to suggest what happened before and what will happen after the moment depicted. But by using multiple panels I can show a few different moments to tell a more involved story. There are probably more storytelling choices to be made when using panels than when pencilling a single image. And it’s unusual to have a comic strip on a magazine cover, so I’m pleased we got it to work.

Read a short interview between Tom Gauld and Françoise Mouly about this New Yorker cover, here

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