Heart Agency

Founded by Darrel Rees in 1994, Heart emerged from an illustration studio collective. The premise of an agency established and run by a practicing illustrator and dependent on a group identity remains a guiding principle.

The agency represents thirty-one international illustrators from the USA, France, Germany, Italy and the UK via offices in London and New York.

Darrel Rees, London and New York

Helen Osborne, London and New York

Jenny Bull, London

Amanda Mason, New York




T +44 (0)20 7254 5558

Unit 1, 69A Southgate Road
N1 3JS



New York

T +1 212 995 9386

Heart USA Inc.
611 Broadway Suite 734
New York
NY 10012

Submissions for representation are accepted via email to mail@heartagency.com. Please send a website link and a brief explanation about why you’re seeking representation.