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Illustrated edition of ‘Shackleton’s Boat Journey’ by Frank Worsley, published by The Folio Society

In 1914, Ernest Shackleton set out to complete ‘a transcontinental journey from sea to sea, crossing the Pole’. His mission was doomed when the Endurance became trapped in ice just one month after leaving South Georgia. The ship drifted for around 1,000 miles and finally sank. Camping on ice floes, the explorers eventually reached open seas in three lifeboats, on which they drifted for 500 miles before reaching the remote and barren Elephant Island. Shackleton, Captain Worsley and four others undertook a perilous rescue mission. All 28 men would ultimately survive what was, in all, a 17-month ordeal.

The artworks aim to capture the icy Antarctic colour palette and the terrifying extent of the waves, illustrating this amazing example of what the human spirit is capable of when facing the enormity of natural forces.


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