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Creative Review

Jimmy Turrell designed three covers for the ‘Truth and Lies’ issue of Creative Review.

The March issue of the magazine takes a look at how truth and lies are influencing our lives and the creative work that we make, from storytelling in the post-truth era to fact-checking in the age of fake news

Jimmy Turrell created an aesthetic that looked like it could be peeled back to reveal a hidden meaning underneath. He screen- printed onto old wallpaper, MDF, parts of an old door – redacting and covering up parts of the type and imagery with gaffer tape and foam board. He also printed onto a glass (which he then smashed) as he hinted at the concept of information being readily available and transparent while simultaneously destroying it

Jimmy Turrel’s artworks were originally produced as large-scale montage canvases, these were then scanned using repro house PH Media’s revolutionary new large-format 3D colour flatbed scanner. The scanner captures the texture of surfaces to a variable depth with such precision that the scan on screen and the resultant print looks almost identical to the original physical artwork