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Renaud Vigourt was born in Reims, France. He studied at the École des Beaux-Arts of Besançon, receiving a Masters in Graphic Design and Illustration. He lives and works in Besançon. After meeting Renaud in Paris in 2013, his representation with Heart began the following year.

Renaud’s images are often populated with distorted and agitated figures, moving with great energy and momentum. He refers to a certain ‘Absurde et Grotesque’ imagery, sometimes reminiscent of movies from the 80’s mixed with old American cartoons. Like John Carpenter’s The Thing but played by Tex Avery’s characters.

Alongside his illustration career, Renaud runs the screen printing workshop ‘l’Atelier Superseñor’ where he also has a studio. Renaud’s love of screen printing has clearly informed his illustration style. He enjoys working with the restraints of screen printing and utilises the same methods when creating a digital illustration. This is especially evident in his distinctive colour palette. Drawing is also very important to Renaud, he fills sketchbooks with visions and ideas either using a pen, a brush or china ink. He often returns to organic and moving shapes; clouds, smoke, liquids, clothes and skin.

To create his images, Renaud relies on a well observed understanding of body language and facial expressions. He injects both exaggerated tension and humour into his artworks, to enable him to communicate an idea or story. Through the medium of ‘cartoon drawings’ he creates imaginative scenarios full of pathos. The cast and characters he uses to convey his ideas can either be human or anthropomorphic as in his creation of an operatic Yeti for Ted Baker’s 2015 Christmas window displays. Singing and moving 3d models were made based on Renaud’s designs. The caricature and high jinks of his energetic drawings have also been employed by clients to provide a refreshed perspective on more serious topics such as the Scottish referendum for Newsweek and tackling subjects such as autism, alcoholism and the future of killer robots in combat for editorial clients.

Renaud has just completed two illustrated books, the first; ‘Osiris’, realises the story of the Egyptian god of the afterlife. The second book; ‘À qui est ce Squelette?’ is a children’s book illustrating the evolution of the skeleton. Both projects demanded a huge amount of research, which is evident in the final results. The skeleton book in particular provides an example of Renaud’s innate drawing skills. The anatomical accuracy of the subject however, doesn’t escape his inimitable graphic language and playfulness. ‘À qui est ce Squelette?’ was nominated for the Best Children’s Book award at La Nuit du Livre, Paris.

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American Way, Atlanta magazine, Campaign magazine, Centre Martin Luther King, De La Martinière Jeunesse, The Financial Times, The Guardian, Hohe Luft, Institutional Investor, Let’s Go Magazine/Ryan Air, Los Angeles Magazine, Newsweek, The New York Times, New Scientist, Seuil Jeunesse, Ted Baker, The Times, Wall Street Journal, Wellcome Trust/Mosaic Science, Wired magazine