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Laurence Sterne Trust at Shandy Hall

The Endless Journey myriorama. Twelve picture cards which can be arranged to form 479,001,600 different landscapes. Available to buy here

Myriorama, or ‘Many Thousand Views’ consist of numerous cards depicting fragments or segments of landscapes that can be arranged in a multitude of different combinations. This ‘entertainment’ for young ladies and gentlemen originated in France. The first English version in 1824 was a set of 16 cards which depicted Gothic ruins, castles, cottages, a lighthouse, a man fishing and a gypsy encampment. These landmarks had a backdrop of mountains with islands and a lake to add extra texture and depth.

The contemporary myriorama by Tom Gauld, commissioned to celebrate the life of Laurence Sterne, contains incidents and characters from his novels.

The Laurence Sterne Trust was established as a registered charity in order to promote the writings of Laurence Sterne, the 18th century novelist and vicar of Coxwold. Shandy Hall is where he lived and wrote The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy.