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Mari Kanstad Johnsen has written and illustrated ‘3,2,1’, published by Gyldenhal

A unique children’s counting book,  ‘3,2,1’  tells the story of Anna who is going to spend the summer holiday at her Grandmother’s house. Passing by a toy shop on their way to Grandma’s, Anna sees the world’s most beautiful toy rabbit – but it’s very expensive! So Grandma gives Anna a summer job: she has to look after the animals in five houses, and gets ten kroner for each house. Fifty kroner in total, enough to buy the toy rabbit. The trouble is, Anna prefers to drink iced tea on the balcony rather than looking after animals and plants all day. So one snake, two rabbits, three birds, four tomato plants and five fish could quickly turn into one dried out snake, a litter of ten rabbits, two birds, three wilted plants and five starved fish… How many ten kroner coins would Anna earn then? Certainly not enough to buy the bunny!