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The Structure is Rotten Comrade

‘La Structure est pourrie camarade’ (The Structure is Rotten Comrade)


Yann Kebbi collaborated with the writer, Viken Berberian to create this 330 page comic book,’La structure set pourrie, camarade’ (The Structure is Rotten,Comrade) published by Actes Sud bd. It’s an absurd and surreal story set in the Armenian capital Yerevan and  follows Frunzik, an architect and university professor who lectures his students about the principles of good design and his love of cement.  Meanwhile, Yerevan is in the middle of a building boom, the historic city  is being replaced and the city is being rebuilt without memory or history. Frunzik’s father, Mister Ciment is responsible for this controversial urban plan. The city’s inhabitants are outraged at the destruction and a revolution ensues…

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