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Shipbuilders and Fisherfolk Hartlepool

Part of the Shipbuilders & Fisherfolk exhibition at Hartlepool Art Gallery, a commission exploring and celebrating the maritime heritage of Hartlepool. The work that Jonny created draws inspiration from the Museum of Hartlepool’s collections, the heritage buildings themselves, the landscape and bygone industries of the North East of England, and hundreds of tales and contributions from the local community

Fisherman’s Arms and Hartlepool ABC, 90cm high, paint on wood

This painting is Jonny’s tribute to the Fisherman’s Arms, a pub on the headland, but also to the local fisherman that still make their livelihood’s off Hartlepool’s coastline.

On the reverse of the Fisherman’s Arms painting (which is nearly a metre high and hangs from the wall of Hartlepool Art Gallery) is one verse from a song Jonny has written entitled ‘The Hartlepool ABC’ (to be sung to the tune of the Socialist ABC by Alex Glasgow)…

“T’s for a toast in the Fishermans Arms,
to Codheads, West Dockers, me & you”

(You’re a ‘Codhead’ apparently if you’re from the headland part of Hartlepool)