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‘Good: The sense of an archive’ is a perfect bound 104 page book and the culmination of a project with the Iris Murdoch Archive as a way to bring alive unseen material that the archive has in its collection.

Shown here: The river pools where he had swum so far, though deliciously clear were rather shallow’, artwork from the book

The images in the book were inspired by a scene in The Bell, where a stressed Dora visits the National Gallery: “Dora had been in the National Gallery a thousand times and the pictures were almost as familiar to her as her own face. Passing between them now, she felt a calm descending her. Her footsteps took her to the great light spaces of Italian pictures, more vast and southern than any real South, the angels of Botticelli, radiant as birds, delighted as gods, and circling like the tendrils of a vine.” (pp.190-191)