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‘Good: The sense of an archive’ is a perfect bound 104 page book and the culmination of a project with the Iris Murdoch Archive as a way to bring alive unseen material that the archive has in its collection.

Shown here: ‘She falls into light’, photo of a spread from the book.

Matthew Richardson: “The aim of ‘Good’ was to translate the experience of reading and seeing, and the physical sense of handling, uncovering and discovery that an archive produces. A physical book is an intimate object. We hold it, weigh it in our hands, take it to bed, spill coffee on it, travel with it. The book is something printed and reproduced, but I wanted the experience of ‘Good’ to feel unique and physical – so I tried to illustrate the sensation by using the Trompe-l’œil of folded corners and post-it notes or the crinkles and creases of vintage paper to make it feel more real.”